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Senior Care

Centralized Access to Senior Specialty Hospital Beds Program (CASS)

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The Centralized Access (Intake and Referral) Process to Senior Specialty Hospital Beds is a single entry point for providing access to geriatric mental health beds at Baycrest, CAMH and Toronto Rehab Institute within the Toronto Central Local Integration Health Network (TC-LHIN).


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GeriMedRisk is an interdisciplinary telemedicine consultation and education service for doctors, nurse practitioners and pharmacists in Ontario. Using telephone and eConsult, clinicians receive a coordinated response to questions regarding optimizing medications, mental health and comorbidities in older adult patients from a team of geriatric specialists and pharmacists. GeriMedRisk is a not-for-profit service for clinicians.

Regional Geriatric Program

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Specialized Geriatric Services (SGS) are a range of health care services, which use a comprehensive geriatric assessment to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate older adults living with frailty (or those at risk of becoming frail) with complex and multiple medical, functional, and psychosocial issues.

SGS is provided on a consultative basis by interprofessional teams of health professionals in a variety of settings, including home, hospital, outpatient, and long-term care. The goal of SGS is to reduce the burden of disability by detecting and treating reversible conditions and recommending optimal management of chronic conditions.

TIP (Telemedicine IMPACT Plus)

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TIP is a community-based model of care that addresses complex needs by linking primary care, acute care, and community services.  The TIP nurse works with the patient their family caregiver, and primary care provider to conduct an in-depth comprehensive assessment, which includes determinants of health and patient/family goals.

TIP creates value by:

  • Expediting access to specialty team consults
  • Spanning settings and sectors
  • Utilizing virtual tools
  • Improving the health care experience of patients, families, and providers
  • Reducing inappropriate use of Health Care services
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in the Health Care system
  • Enhancing integration and coordination of care
  • Empowering patients and families

TIP One Pager and Referral Form
Family Caregiver Flyer

Toronto Seniors Helpline

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The Toronto Seniors Helpline is a single point of access for seniors and caregivers to receive information and access to the community, home, and crisis services.