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Chiropodists are regulated health professionals who assess, treat and prevent diseases and disorders of the foot by orthotic, therapeutic and palliative means.  Chiropodists do not bill OHIP for the services they provide. The majority of chiropodists are in private practices, but there are some publicly funded clinics available throughout Ontario in the LHINs, at Community Health Centers and at Family Health Teams. Chiropody services are covered by most third party insurance providers, extended health care plans, Veterans Affairs, and/or can be used for income tax health deduction purposes. There are approximately 600 chiropodists practicing in Ontario. A doctor’s referral is not required.

Many Community Health Centers offer chiropody and foot care services at no charge to persons living within their specified catchments regardless of whether they have primary care services there.

See list of Community Health Centres in Toronto for their individual website and chiropody, foot care programs, as well as eligibility and catchment areas.