SCOPE (Seamless Care Optimizing the Patient Experience) provides primary care providers in greater Toronto regions with access to a shared interprofessional care team (preference will be given to unaffiliated physicians) and empowers collaborative work between primary care providers, hospital services and community health partners.

The SCOPE program supports primary care providers by improving access to high-quality care for their patients.

SCOPE creates a virtual care team for family practices and provides a single point of access to a comprehensive range of interdisciplinary supports.

Primary care providers are provided direct and centralized access to:

  • Navigation Hub – access to a resource nurse navigator and homecare coordinator for assistance with linking to hospital and community resources
  • Internal Medicine – for phone-based consultations and rapid access to an assessment
  • Medical Imaging – for advice on appropriateness of imaging, interpretation of results and to expedite urgent imaging
  • Home and Community Care – access to a dedicated home and community care coordinator who provides curated care for your patients

Contact your primary care provider for further information on SCOPE.

Our Reach


SCOPE Members

of solo primary care providers* in Toronto have access to SCOPE.

*Primary care providers who have no affiliation to team-based care (not to hospitals or hospital services)